Optimize Family Chiropractic-Dr Doug Fryday

Bringing our community from PAIN to PREVENTION to optimal health POTENTIAL for 30 years

Optimize Brain Achievement Program – Growing Connections

Strengthening the communication between brain and body through specific brain based therapies to optimize function and improve your, health, wellness, social, behavioural and academic outcomes. By OPTIMIZING the brain, we optimize our whole life!

Optimize Functional Neurology

OPTIMIZE Brain Rehabilitation Functional Neurology is the application of brain based rehab which integrates the study and application of neuroscience and biomechanics. An alteration to the brain or body due to a biomechanical or neurological insult results in a change in function not just to the brain, but to many areas of the body. 

Optimize Gut Health – Dr David Miller, Naturopath

Big stools, small hospitals, small stools, big hospitals” Dr. Burkitt . We couldn’t agree more!

InsideOut Lifestyle Coaching- Dr Doug Fryday, D.C. & Dr David Miller, N.D.

The InsideOut Lifestyle was created over the last 30 years of running a Chiropractic Wellness practice and was designed as a secret weapon to add life to years and years to life.