Optimize Brain Achievement

Strengthening the communication between brain and body through specific brain based therapies to optimize function and improve your health, wellness, social, behavioural and academic outcomes.

By OPTIMIZING the brain, we optimize our whole life!

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Do any of these look familiar? Inability to sit still, can’t focus or pay attention, stressed at school, lack of confidence,  reading and writing  difficulty, not experiencing success, feeling anxiety, poor sleep or has  difficulty making friends.                                                            

What Are The Benefits of Growing Brain Connections?

Improved Focus. An increase in your child’s ability to concentrate.  We develop core skills, like ignoring distractions, increasing memory, organization and following instructions.

Improved Academics. Improvements in focus, attention, coordination, impulse control, processing and confidence, leads to success at school!

Improved Social Interaction.  Your child will learn the skills and confidence to manage social situations.

Improved Motor Coordination. Our  program encourages the harmonious functioning of body parts that involve movement, including gross motor movement, fine motor movement, and motor planning.

Improved Quality of Sleep. Once your child learns how to relax their brain, they will be able to get to sleep faster and stay in a restful sleep.

Book a no obligation consultation with Penny and Mandy. Contact us today at  519-832-1515 or visit our website: