Repetitive Concussion Syndrome

Depressed? Anxious? Suffer from chronic headaches? Always tired with no get up and go? Digestive issues and do you seem to pick up every bug going around? It could all come back to a childhood bump, or bumps, on your head. Your parents may have called it a “goose egg”.

Who doesn’t remember a bump or two on the head growing up? The fact is most children suffer a bang to the

head at some point due to a fall at the playground, off their bike, or horsing around and then hitting their head on the edge of coffee table. Add to this contact sports and the incidence of potential head injuries goes up.

But scientists are learning more about how even seemingly mild bangs to the head can have long term effects especially the accumulative effect of multiple head traumas. They have coined this “Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome”.

The effects of multiple concussions over time remain significant and can result in long term neurologic and functional deficits. If you or a loved one are experiencing unexplained symptoms of ill health you may be suffering from “Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome”(RHIS).

Common symptoms of RHIS are headache, memory impairment, confusion, double vision, fatigue, light and sound sensitivity or both, blurred vision, dizziness, paralysis of one side of the body, nausea, sensory loss in hearing, taste or smell, impairment of hand eye coordination, irritability, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Doug Fryday at Optimize Healing Centre in Port Elgin focuses on using new, cutting edge assessment and treatment methods involving stimulating underactive areas of the brain and offering new hope for patients with brain based health challenges. Dr.Fryday`s treatments involve different sensory stimulation (light, sound, eye exercise, smell, vibration, movement, etc.) to the nervous system that is appropriate for that individual patient. He does this by combining a series of different treatment modalities including chiropractic adjustments, vision therapy, light therapy, auditory stimulation, electrical nerve stimulation, balance therapies, olfactory (smell) stimulation, breathing therapy, and dietary modification or supplementation. Dr. Fryday utilizes many of the same methods that were used to get Sid “The Kid” Crosby back playing in the NHL after suffering multiple concussions.

Dr. Fryday`s program is based on the principles of neuroplasticity, the ability of your brain to “rewire” itself to work more efficiently.  It was once thought that once you reached adulthood the brain could not change. Research over the past decade has proven that this is simply not true.  One of the most exciting fields of neuroscience is how the brain can rewire itself.

The basic premise of Dr.Fryday’s program is to support healthy plasticity (rewiring) of the nervous system through proper stimulation, oxygen and fuel/nutrition. In order for any neurological rehabilitation to be effective, these three factors must be met.

“When I first went to see Dr. Fryday, I suffered with headaches and nausea every time I rode in a car and I couldn’t focus or pay attention. I was also finding it hard to sleep.

After a consultation and several tests, Dr. Fryday determined that I had problems with how my eyes and balance system worked together. Which basically meant my eyes and balance system were out of whack. He asked me if I had ever had a concussion or blow to my head and on thinking back I did have a severe injury to my jaw that pushed my lower teeth into my upper jaw! Also when I was 5yrs old I had a beam fall and hit me in the head! It was great to know what was actually wrong and the cause of my symptoms. Dr. Fryday used a variety of methods in his treatment including gentle chiropractic adjustments, balance training, vagal nerve stimulation, breathing therapy, essential oils, proper diet and eye exercises. After my third training session I no longer suffered from the headaches and nausea when in the car and in fact that has completely subsided! My other symptoms have improved and I hope with continued dedication to all the exercises that I will be completely well.”

S.A. 14yrs old

“I came to Dr. Fryday with chronic headaches, anxiety, chronically tired, lack of motivation, stomach problems, anger issues and depression.

The first thing that Dr Fryday asked me was, “have you ever had any trauma to your head”?

Yes I had several knocks on my head over the years including being hit by a bale of hay that fell from the manger!

Dr. Fryday suspected I had several concussions over the years and they had knocked my brain, eyes and balance centers out of balance.

I`m just about done Dr. Fryday`s brain balance program and have improved by more than 80%!

My family says I`m a lot easier to be around!

D.K. 18 yrs old

Dr Doug Fryday is the owner of the Optimize Healing Centre in Port Elgin and the creator of The Brain Achievement Program and the InsideOut Lifestyle™. He is a licensed Chiropractor with a special interest in neurology and has had a Family Wellness practice for 31 years in Saugeen Shores. Call or make a 15 minute complimentary consult to pick his brain, he can be reached at 519-832-1515 or by email. Go to to receive your free Brain Stress management tool kit.